A Taste of What's to Come

A Taste of What's to Come

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A Taste of What's to Come


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The tastes of the National Restaurant Association show are part of what signals the state of the food industry.

If this year’s show is any indication, the industry is in for some interesting flavors and food innovations.

As you walk the show, there is plenty of opportunity to taste—and, over the years, The Food Channel crew members have learned to pace themselves. We refuse to “waste calories” on anything that doesn’t send out interesting signals. It has to attract our attention by being on trend, having innovative packaging or styling, or fit a category we’ve been watching from our insights side.

That’s how the following list of “tastes” are what we chose to sample during this year’s food show. We’ve already done a series of live Periscopes from the show, and will be providing more information as we talk about trends we’ve seen.

Here’s the partial list, just to whet your appetite:

Cuban coffee


Oxaca Cheese

Manchego Cheese

Purla del sue

Sou vide steak

Fruit-infused water



Jalapeno roll

Chile-infused honey





Edamame spaghetti

Burrata cheese

Kombucha tea

Salmon bacon

Bone broth

Sweet potato cranberry veggie patty

Fruit boba

A few of the major trends that we saw included refrigerated baby food, Native American foods, and interesting beverages—all trends that we’ve called out through our insights in partnership with CultureWaves. We’ll explore these and more in upcoming reports!


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