Ask the Chef: How Do I Make Jam?

Ask the Chef: How Do I Make Jam?

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Ask the Chef: How Do I Make Jam?


The following question came into The Food Channel:


A neighbor gave me a big container of fresh blackberries. I want to make jam but don’t want to invest in a lot of ingredients or containers. What do you recommend?
 -Thank you.


What a great neighbor! You are right on trend with your desire to stay with few ingredients.

Photo by Chie Carroll on Unsplash

You don’t even need fruit pectin if you are going to refrigerate the jam and use it up within a month or two, nor do you need to know how to can. All you do is mash your berries, add sugar and any spices you want, allow the mixture to boil, then cool it and store it in containers in the refrigerator.

Photo by sogni_hal at Flickr

It will easily last several months and is perfect on top of English muffins or toast with a cup of coffee.

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