Ask the Chef: What Are Microgreens and What Do I Make With Them?

Ask the Chef: What Are Microgreens and What Do I Make With Them?

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Ask the Chef: What Are Microgreens and What Do I Make With Them?

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The following question came into The Food Channel:

I’m starting to see “microgreens” everywhere—at the farmers market, and now at the grocery store. They look like little shoots of grass or seedlings. Are they edible, and if so, what do I use them to make? —Thank you.

We first predicted microgreens would catch on back in mid-2016, when we started seeing them at food shows and began experimenting with them in our Food Channel Culinary Center. At the time, they were little more than an edible garnish—albeit ones with surprisingly good flavor.

Microgreens are simply the littlest shoots of a young vegetable. They are really the next step after spouts—which we’ve all grown comfortable eating, at least in salads. Microgreens are harvested a little later, and bring forth more of the vegetable flavor, so the pea shoot microgreens taste like fresh peas, and the sweet corn microgreens are as close to eating corn on the cob as you can get.

So, yes, they are edible, and are used primarily in salads or as a garnish—but they’re also great on their own, once thoroughly washed, as a snack or in smoothies. Microgreens are considered nutritious, and can even be grown at home.

See our Chef’s recommended recipe for your Microgreens, here!

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