Best Fall Seasonal Beer?

Photo depiction of a glass of pumpkin beer poured into a serving glass.

Best Fall Seasonal Beer?

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Best Fall Seasonal Beer?

Our partners at USA Today 10Best recently conducted an audience poll to determine the favorite fall seasonal beer. Nominations were submitted by a panel of craft-beer experts with votes being tallied over a four-week period.

The Envelope, Please

While we may be experiencing pumpkin “fatigue,” it’s still a top fall flavor, especially for beer. But keep an eye on maple, as well as hazelnut, as two emerging “new fall” flavors.

But back to the present. The best fall seasonal beer according to USA Today 10Best readers? Pumpking Imperial Ale from Southern Tier Brewing Company.

Photo depiction of a glass of pumpkin beer poured into a serving glass.

Pumpking Imperial Ale by Southern Tier Brewing Company. Photo courtesy of Mike/Flikr

This light amber, very drinkable pumpkin ale has subtle notes of pumpkin complemented by pumpkin spice. And no, she’s not one of the Spice Girls, but perhaps if there’s a reunion…

Click here to see the full list of top ten winners in the Best Fall Seasonal Beer Reader’s Choice competition.



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