Boba: The Drink You Can Chew

pictures of assorted types of bursting boba flavored pearls

Boba: The Drink You Can Chew

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Boba: The Drink You Can Chew


It’s pronounced Boh-bah. Some people cheat and call it Bubble Tea, but now you can be in the know.

photo of Boba tapioca pearls on a tortilla with fresh fruit

Boba Pearls with Fresh Fruit

The use of Boba is the epitome of adding a new flavor and texture to foods, to create something new that is both fun and delicious!

We first saw Boba years ago, when it was advertised as a Thai tea. That version had chewy tapioca pearls, flavorless in themselves, but able to turn a drink into a mouthful. When we saw Bursting Boba at a food show about two years ago, we became a bit enamored with the flavor possibilities.

photo of Boba tapioca pearls being added to ice tea and tasted

Boba Pearls in Ice Tea

These little bites were filled with fruit flavors in juice form, and they weren’t chewy as much as they were little explosions of flavor when you chomped down!

While the tapioca pearls are the perfect complement to a milk tea, the Bursting Boba has a lot of possibilities—pour it over ice cream, add it to a carbonated drink, use it on pancakes, and so on.

photo of three different flavors of Boba tapioca pearls in ice cream

Boba Pearls with Ice Cream

To help you out, we played around with the Boba product in the Food Channel Culinary Center. Click below to see a few examples of our creativity and try a little Boba yourself—the product is available online. If you like your flavor with a little texture, you can’t really go wrong.

Click below to find a few of the recipes we created and loved!

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