Putting Heart Into Action: Editor's Corner

Photo of convoy of hope volunteers loading the back of a van with supplies headed to help those in Houston impacted by the hurricane

Putting Heart Into Action: Editor's Corner

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Putting Heart Into Action: Editor's Corner


The Food Channel has a heart for people who need food, water, and general sustenance—and that’s certainly the case right now in the Houston, TX area. There are a number of organizations who have mobilized to help, and the solicitations for funds are coming in. Here are a couple that have set up donation pages:

Convoy of Hope

photo of the donation page from Convoy of Hope

Donate to support Convoy of Hope in Houston

This organization consistently gets the highest possible rating from Charity Navigator, with four out of four stars. Its extensive disaster services team is responding to Hurricane Harvey, reportedly delivering semi-truck load after load of critical food, water, and hygiene items. They are also offering a drive-thru distribution to the tens of thousands of people who are without power and water. See the story from CNN.  Donate to Convoy of Hope. 

 The American Red Cross

photo of the donation page for the American Red Cross

Donate to Support Red Cross Efforts in Houston

As they do in disaster after disaster, The American Red Cross is working in the Gulf Coast area to help those in need. They have a three out of four-star rating from Charity Navigator. Donate to the Red Cross.

This article, by NPR, includes a list of food-specific organizations.

And this one, from Business Insider, ranks the best organizations in general.

Keep in mind that your place of business or financial institution may provide matching gifts that are designated for crisis response, so check with them before donating to make sure to stretch your dollar if you can. We recommend you do your own research on any charity before giving. Donations are often tax deductible; check with your tax preparer for details.


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