Is Dining Out On Valentine's Day Outdated?

Is Dining Out On Valentine's Day Outdated?

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Is Dining Out On Valentine's Day Outdated?


By Greg Cook


Romance and love is in the air; or is it?

While it’s no secret that we are living in the midst of the Millennial generation when it comes to their perspective on love and consumer engagement, a new survey by Zagat appears to show that dining out is on the decline among ALL romantic demographics.

There are a few specific indicators that show why the importance of eating out may not be quite as popular as it has been in the past. Factors such as budget play a heavy role in the decision to eat out or stay in, along with the belief that Valentine’s Day is a now too commercialized of a holiday–one which only benefits the flower and romantic card industries. Some surveys even state that there is a small segment of couples who will break up just to avoid having to pull out their wallet (or payment app) for the upcoming Valentine’s Day event. While this points out the budget concerns of Millennials, it also brings awareness to the expectations and pressures that a modern Valentine’s Day can impose on a relationship.

There may also be an inaccurate perception when it comes to the importance of ambiance at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Have you always thought choosing a nice restaurant was about impressing a lady? Well, data shows the romantic appeal of the restaurant is more important to men than women.

Keeping this in mind, Valentine’s Day adventurers may simply want to take on a new approach that focuses on fun instead of the pressure of romance. Fast-casual, themed restaurants are on the rise and, as the research suggests, it might be a better to take a loved one (or potential loved one) to a fun and lively spot, instead of trying to achieve a romantic atmosphere.

If budget is your concern, try looking for DIY options that won’t break the bank! Preparing a simple and easy breakfast in bed for your significant other is another great way to show you care, or you can create your own Valentine’s Day tradition by cooking a romantic meal at home together. Since “good food” was ranked as most important by over half of those surveyed by Zagat, and only 16% claimed ambiance as important, it may be safe to say that your own kitchen and dining room can be transformed into most romantic place of all, if you’re with someone you love!


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