Gold is The New Chocolate

Gold is The New Chocolate

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Gold is The New Chocolate


Iconic brands, like Hershey, don’t mess with a proven success formula, like its iconic chocolate bars. But smart iconic brands do listen to their customers. And Hershey customers spoke loud and clear—they wanted new ways to engage with the brand. So, for only the fourth time in the company’s history, Hershey will introduce a new flavor profile to its portfolio on December 1: Hershey’s Gold.

The Hershey Company Portfolio. Artwork: The Hershey Company.

What makes it different? For one, the bars are a caramelized creme with peanuts and pretzel bits for a sweet, buttery taste with a crunchy finish. The new product joins the original milk-chocolate bar introduced in 1900, Dark Chocolate, which came in 1939, and Cookies ‘n Creme which came along in 1995.

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