Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy: Cookbook Review

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Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy: Cookbook Review

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Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy: Cookbook Review


Pop-culture (otherwise known as nerd culture) continues to dominate all spectrums of entertainment. From video games and television to the big screen, we are seeing a renaissance of all things geek. The food and drink industry is no different as we see themed restaurants and bars centered around this popular genre expand.

The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy (©2017, Andy Heidel, St. Martin’s Griffin) continues this trend with over 100 easy-to-make recipes that are sure to please even the most hardcore fan. From Back to the Future Flux Incapacitator to The Matrix Blue Shot/Red Shot, the thought and details of each recipe do their best to portray and give an appreciated nod to the fantasy worlds or environments from which these recipes are derived.

In our opinion, one of the best parts of this book are the small written intros that come paired with each recipe; each with callouts to the pop culture-based drink being created. These excerpts make you want to read the intro to every recipe, even if you don’t intend to make them all.

Recipes are alphabetically easy to find and recreate, which adds to the overall “guide” experience the book is trying to create. This book would be highly recommended to innovative bartenders and home mixologists alike—anyone looking to spice up their drink offerings to engage bar hoppers and curious geeks alike!

All of the cocktails in the book are created and field tested by Andy Heidel, the owner of The Way Station, everyone’s favorite Doctor Who themed bar, so rest assured these drinks will quench your thirst in any galaxy.

Want an inside scoop on what cocktail recipes may look like? Click the links below, we have two of them just for you! 

Star Wars: Sarlacczerac Cocktail

Mystery Science Theatre 3000: Satellite of Love Cocktail


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