Independence Day Sandwich Style

Independence Day Sandwich Style

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Independence Day Sandwich Style


In honor of July 4th, we bring you sandwiches from the Original 13 States, with a modern twist! Our friends at Sandwich America and USA Today 10Best have identified the top sandwiches from the Original 13 States, based on consumer voting. So, sit back, wave a flag and enjoy the 4th—sandwich style!

1. Connecticut – Chicken Parm Sandwich

(Image via Flickr: jeffreyw)

That’s right, the Chicken Parm Sandwich is the most popular in Connecticut. A fun twist on the Italian classic, The Food Channel has a great Chicken Parmesan Panini.

Fun Colony Fact: The Connecticut Colony was home to the Battle of the Frogs! Believing they were under attack, settlers sought out the source of the noise they heard, only to find it was thousands of frogs fighting for the last pond in town.

2. Delaware – The Soft Shell Crab Sandwich

crab(Image Via Flickr: Capsun Poe)

Delaware has spoken, which means the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich is top in the state! Cleaning Soft Shell Crabs is a breeze, and you can eat them in their entirely. Try The Food Channel’s Soft Shell Crab Salad recipe for a mouthwatering meal!

Fun Colony Fact: the Delaware Colony was the first of the Original 13 colonies to ratify the Federal Constitution.

3. Georgia – The Fried Chicken Sandwich

(Image via Flickr: T.Tseng)

In a fitting find, residents of Georgia have decided the Fried Chicken Sandwich is the state fave. Wanna understand the hype? Make your own version with this Food Channel recipe for an Ad-Hoc Fried Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw.

Fun Colony Fact: A chicken sandwich today isn’t far from what was enjoyed back then. The Georgia Colony was the first with a dominant warm climate and land, so crops and livestock thrived year round!

4. Maryland – The Crab Cake Sandwich

(Image via Flickr: Alexis Lamster)

Crab cakes and Maryland go hand-in-hand, so we weren’t surprised to see that Maryland residents chose the delicious Crab Cake Sandwich as their top choice. Can’t visit the state? Try our Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake recipe and live vicariously.

Fun Colony Fact: The Original Maryland Colony had a lot more land than it does today as a state. It originally covered 12 million acres, today it is approximately half of that.

5. Massachusetts – The Lobster Roll

In a delicious twist of fate, the people of Massachusetts have decided The Lobster Roll is their top choice. Do you know what’s better than sweet, succulent lobster meat lightly tossed with mayo and fresh lemon juice, atop a buttery bun? The answer is nothing, Get our recipe for Classic Lobster Rolls.

Fun Colony Fact: Massachusetts, a state of firsts, is responsible for the first Thanksgiving in 1621, the first University in 1636, and the first Revolutionary War Battle in 1775.

6. New Hampshire – The Monte Cristo

A sandwich too good to ignore, New Hampshire has chosen the Monte Cristo as its best. Smoky-sweet griddled country ham, melted fontina cheese, and a delicious maple syrup—what’s not to like? Here’s our New Hampshire Maple Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe.

Fun Colony Fact: New Hampshire’s motto is “Live Free or Die” in reference to early settlers’ determination to declare independence from the Massachusetts Colony.

7. New Jersey – The Italian Hoagie

(Image via  BillyTFried at English Wikipedia)

Who doesn’t love a good Italian Sub? Voters in New Jersey chose the Italian Hoagie/Sub Sandwich as top in the state. Try our Italian Grilled Panini, made with Italian cured meats such as prosciutto, capocolla, and Genoa salami.

Fun Colony Fact: From 1666-1702, The Garden State was originally divided into East Jersey and West Jersey, each with its own constitution and an ever-changing border.

8. New York – Bagel & Lox

(Image Via Flickr: torbakhopper)

New York has spoken! Bagel & Lox Sandwiches are typically made with a mouthwatering cream cheese and shaved smoked salmon atop a chewy bagel. Perfect for any time of day, try our Bagel & Lox recipe.

Fun Colony Fact: The New York Colony was referred to as the “Breadbasket Colony” because it’s major crop was wheat, which was ground into flour and exported to England.

9 & 10. North Carolina and South Carolina – The BBQ Pork Sandwich

Our two beloved Carolina’s have named Barbecue Pork Sandwiches as the states’ champion. These impressive sandwiches are incredibly quick and easy to prepare. Try our Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich recipe.

Fun Colony Fact: In 1587, the North Carolina Colony completely vanished. The cabins were gone, livestock disappeared and the only thing remaining was the word “CRO ATON” carved onto a post. It was then dubbed, “The Lost Colony.”

11. Pennsylvania – Cheesesteak Sandwich

(Image via Flickr: JohnnyMrNinja)

Did anyone think Pennsylvania’s top sandwich wouldn’t be the cheesesteak? It’s a Philadelphia classic! Try our version, with shaved rib-eye steak, fresh bell peppers, and melted provolone cheese.

Fun Colony Fact: Pennsylvania was home to some very influential colonists, such as Benjamin Franklin, a founding father and future president, and Thomas Paine, who invented the phrase ‘United States of America.’

12. Rhode Island – The Grinder

(Image via Flickr: jeffreyw)

The top sandwich in the state of Rhode Island is The Grinder, which can be anything reminiscent of a sub sandwich, or hoagie, but one thing it does have to be is appetizing! Give our Grilled Meatball Grinder a try.

Fun Colony Fact: Rhode Island’s motto is “Hope” and its founder Roger Williams was one of the only founders who paid the Native Americans for their land, as he believed it was the right thing to do.

13. Virginia – Country Ham Sandwich

(Image via Flickr: Jameson Fink)

A true classic! Virginians have chosen the Country Ham Sandwich as the favorite, and we don’t blame them. Appalachian cuisine is very on-trend. Try our Smoked Country Ham with Country Apple Butter Glaze sandwich-style.

Fun Colony Fact: The Virginia Colony was also home to many important political figures in American history, including 4/5 of America’s first five presidents including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe.



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