IHOP Celebrates Anniversary With What?

IHOP Celebrates Anniversary With What?

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IHOP Celebrates Anniversary With What?


Pancakes, of course! In celebration of its 59th anniversary, IHOP is offering short stacks of pancakes for 0.59 cents. Applies to dine-in only from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today, July 18. More information here.

The first known pancakes trace back to early Roman times. Today, there are a variety of forms (think waffle pancakes), and flavors and toppings. Some pancakes trends we’re seeing include:

  • Spicy and Savory flavors or toppings
  • Fresh-fruit toppings
  • Gluten-free
  • Pancakes for meal occasions throughout the day – they’re not just for breakfast

America’s love for pancakes is evident in these fun facts from IHOP:

  • In one year, the restaurants nationwide serve
    • 700 million pancakes
    • 1.5 million gallons of Maple Syrup

If you miss out on IHOP’s 59th anniversary celebration today, you can make your own with a favorite Food Channel pancake recipe from our Chairman/CEO. Top them off with some Maple Syrup, demonstration video courtesy of Shawn Bailey, of Game On!, a member of our Food Channel Guest Chef Network:

Regardless of whether you enjoy dining out or making your own, from The Food Channel, happy birthday, IHOP!


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