Princess Cakes: Food Channel Finds

photo of finished princess cakes

Princess Cakes: Food Channel Finds

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Princess Cakes: Food Channel Finds


This review of Princess Cakes is part of Food Channel Finds, our way of bringing information and opinion on some of the latest products to hit the market. These might be interesting food items seen as we walk a trade show, on a grocery store shelf, at food event or, often, from press releases—enticing us to put them to the test, to see how they deliver.

photo of finished princess cakes

Princess Cakes from Real Cooking

A few weeks ago, we received information on Princess Cakes, a product from Real Cooking, a company that produces baking and culinary craft products for kids. What intrigued me was the adult supervision and interaction the product invites, teaching kids how to use professional baking tools (scaled to size).

The Skinny

We pulled in one of our toughest Guest Chefs, Penelope, who fits squarely in the 6+ age group targeted for this product. We paired Penelope with The Food Channel’s Chef Cari Martens, star of our :90 Seconds In The Kitchen Series, to see how kid-friendly this product was, and the adult interaction it created. You can watch Chef Penelope’s recipe demo video here.

pouring cake batter into a baking mold

Pouring batter into the Princess Dress baking mold.

Our chef found the premise of Princess-themed cakes very engaging. The dry ingredients are packaged separately and easily identified. The recipe also calls for a few fresh ingredients (milk, butter, eggs), and is baked in a regular oven, so reinforces that connection to baking and the kitchen.

Don’t Be Intimidated

The directions looked a bit intimidating at first, but after reading, you realize they’re grouped in phases, i.e. mixing, baking, then decorating, complete with fondant to create the dress and the flowers that are cut out and applied.

On Penelope’s first try (each box set comes with 2 cake recipes), we had a little too much water in the fondant, so it wasn’t as smooth, but it only inspired her to get better when she made the second cake. We sent the ingredients home, so she could make her second in a home kitchen. And the results speak for themselves.

Photo of Chef Penelope with the finished Princess Cake she baked at home.

Penelope with the Princess Cake she made at home.

We give this one a thumb’s up for getting kids baking in the kitchen with parents or other adults. It requires interaction and provides teaching moments. The finished product had a good taste and the chef was quite proud of her work. You can learn more about the product by clicking here.


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