Scrambling For Breakfast: Publisher's Corner

Scrambling For Breakfast: Publisher's Corner

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Scrambling For Breakfast: Publisher's Corner


Always one to jump on the latest food items out there—including fast food—I recently checked out the latest breakfast offering from Chick-Fil-A: the Hash Brown Scramble.

Photo Credit: Chick-Fil-A

To Bowl Or Not To Bowl

It was advertised as a breakfast bowl, and bowls, as we know, are kind of a big deal in the food world these days. Whether it’s the Asian influence on our American dining habits, or the comfort of a well-done Ramen bowl from Momofuko, or simply the ease of piling everything into one dish, bowls have become known for offering a deliberate mix of flavors.

Chick-Fil-A’s Hash Brown Scramble Unscrambled here.

I ordered the sausage version (you can also get chicken nuggets) and got a nice, slightly spicy sausage, a handful of tots, scrambled egg, and a covering of cheese. The bowl was average sized, if not small, but the portion filled me up enought that I didn’t even realize when lunch time rolled around hours later.

More Options Coming

According to its news release, Chick-Fil-A was interested in adding options to the breakfast menu. Amanda Norris, senior director of menu development, said, “We’ve definitely seen an increase in popularity for breakfast bowls, and the Hash Brown Scramble combines two fan favorites—our chicken nuggets and hash browns. It’s a great fit for those seeking a delicious and hearty breakfast that is also packaged with protein.” The menu item is also available as a burrito, and comes with a Jalapeño Salsa.

Our conclusion? It works. When you’re looking for something a little different, without a biscuit or muffin holding it together, the bowl is a nice, fresh choice.


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