Thanksgiving With A Twist

Thanksgiving With A Twist

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Thanksgiving With A Twist


Thanksgiving is a time for coming together with family and friends to give thanks and enjoy the fruits of harvest. Many cultural traditions, and flavors, have influenced traditional Thanksgiving dishes over the years, and, this year, that trend continues.

One thing we’re seeing is the intersection of more traditional dishes with highly contemporary flavor profiles, like those of the Mediterranean Rim. I sat down with Locke Hiderbrand, Chief Insights Officer for Culturewaves our consumer insights partner, to discuss Thanksgiving with a twist.

While Thanksgiving still has the traditional building blocks, Hilderbrand says the flavors within them continue to evolve.

  • Turkey with ethnic rubs and spices, like our Baharat Spiced Turkey, created with toasted cumin, black pepper and cinnamon, blended with exotic spices.
  • Mashed potatoes with heat. Take the spice level up with something like our Ginger Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes made with olive-oil sautéed garlic, fresh ginger and crushed red pepper flakes.
  • Sweet and savory vegetable sides. Our Harvest Kale and Fennel Salad is the combination of sweet, tart and savory flavors with fresh apples, pomegranate and citrus to offset the crisp fennel and tangy goat cheese. Our Roasted Brussel Sprouts are prepared with the nutty roasted flavor of sherry vinegar paired with spicy stone-ground mustard and sautéed garlic for extra brightness.
  • Savory pies. Like our savory twist on Sweet Potato Pie with sage and walnut for a multi-sensory flavor experience.
  • Sweet and tangy fruit pies. Our Honey, Pomegranate and Pear Pie is the perfect marriage of sweet and tart, giving a contemporary twist to a traditional favorite.
It doesn’t stop with the food.

We’re seeing cooler variants of fall colors that give Thanksgiving tables a more contemporary look. Think variations on purples, greys, whites and greens on copper and contemporary surfaces.

As Thanksgiving traditions continue to evolve, and we embrace the flavors and foods of other cultures, the way we celebrate continues to evolve in the most flavorful and colorful ways.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Food Channel.


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