The Secret To Great Soup

Potato and Leek Soup

The Secret To Great Soup

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The Secret To Great Soup


Great Base for a Great Soup

The next step to a great soup is a great base! If you have a soup maker without a browning function, then it isn’t worth the bother. If it does have a browning function, then the process is equally the same in a saucepan so why bother? Before stock is added to soup, most, if not all, ingredients are cooked part way, but not colored, in fat and steam.

This is the most important step in the process for most soups. Think of the part when the stock is added as a finishing process rather than a cooking step. In any soup recipe there will be the main ingredients such as leeks or vegetables, but also those that are added to give flavor and texture; usually onions, potato, and a smidge of garlic for depth.

They are usually cooked down a little first, before adding the main ingredients to the pot. Only once these have cooked down about three-quarters of the way is the stock or liquid added. The first layer of seasoning will be done at this stage too; generally, a pinch of good quality salt. Pepper and herbs are part of the finishing process.


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