The Secret To Great Soup

Potato and Leek Soup

The Secret To Great Soup

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The Secret To Great Soup


Finishing a Great Soup

Once the base step is finished, the stock is added (hot or cold), and the ingredients are cooked fully. Never let the soup boil, it will spoil the flavor, and don’t let it cook for longer than necessary. Just far enough to fully cook the ingredients!

Once cooked you can either leave it chunky or blend some, or all, of it. Once the desired consistency is achieved you can taste the soup, adjust the salt and perhaps add pepper, bearing in mind any garnishes. The cheese added as a garnish will bring its own salty flavor, for instance.

A dash of cream stirred in will make the soup even more voluptuous and a drop of lemon will brighten the flavors. You may want to add extra body and flavor with chopped herbs, extra meat, etc.Potato and Leek Soup

Once everything has been stirred together, the seasoning corrected, and the soup served into bowls, you may wish to add your additional garnishes. A flourish of herbs, a sprinkle of feta, a swirl of yogurt – you get the picture. The final garnish should improve texture and add a new nuance of flavor. If it doesn’t, then don’t do it.

This guide is courtesy of the chefs at Rattan Direct.

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