Vote Now! Our Munch Mania Final Four

Vote Now! Our Munch Mania Final Four

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Vote Now! Our Munch Mania Final Four


It’s time to take it home! Thanks to all who voted in our food brackets thus far. It was close, but we have our four finalists, just in time for a hot-and-heavy March Madness® weekend.The stakes (and steaks) at this point are high, as two categories drop out completely in this semi-final round. Impress your friends and frenemies by sampling all four this weekend and voting on your Food Channel fan favorite.

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Final Four: Wings vs Chili, Pizza vs Sandwiches

Spicy Boneless Wings vs White Chicken Chili

Buffalo Chicken Pizza vs Muffaletta Sandwiches

 Don’t let your favorite go down without a fight. Taste, toast, cheer and vote!

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The Food Channel Final Four Winning Recipes

Winner: Wings

Spicy and Boneless Wings

So you like it sweet and spicy, eh? Get the recipe here

Winner: Chili 

White Chicken Chili

The simplicity of White Chicken Chili won out over Chili 7 Ways. Here’s the recipe

Winner: Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Makes one hungry, doesn’t it? When it comes to pizza, spice and heat win again. Your fave was Buffalo Chicken Pizza over Master of the Universe. Who needs the universe when you’ve got the heat, right? Recipe here

Winner: Sandwiches

Muffaletta Sandwich

In a slap down defeat with nearly twice the votes, Muffaletta Sandwich destroyed our much-loved Wyoming Bison Burger. But then again, who doesn’t love New Orleans, but did you know this winner has origins in Sicily? Recipe here

Vote for your favorite today as we whittle down to a final playoff between this round’s two winners. Who rules your kitchen: sandwiches, pizza, chili or wings? 





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