Why We Love Sandwiches

Why We Love Sandwiches

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Why We Love Sandwiches


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The very word summons up images of our favorites. A nicely piled Reuben. A soft and satisfying egg salad. The latest BLTA, with a healthy amount of avocado evening out the bacon. Burgers count, and sliders, and the list goes on and on.

At The Food Channel, we’ve been celebrating sandwiches and working with Sandwich America and USA Today’s 10Best to help determine the best sandwiches across the nation. Here are a few sandwich trends that you might find interesting:

  • There is a movement toward sandwiches that are plant-based, not only for the vegetarians among us but for those who simply love the freshness of great vegetables.
  • Ethnic sandwiches are growing in popularity, with Cuban and Banh Mi leading the pack, and new ones (Cambodian, Mexica Torta, Camitas) showing up more and more.
  • Breakfast sandwiches aren’t just for breakfast anymore, as we pile on the ham and eggs and eat them any time of day.
  • Different cheese choices are showing up,  like Burrata, and the grilled cheese is almost a luxury meal these days.
  • Forget mayo alone—now our sandwiches have things like fermented nut cheeses or whole nuts, fried green tomatoes or tomato chutney, butter varietals like coconut or honey butter, and pickles or peppers of every sort.

Sandwiches make it easy to layer flavors—it’s the essence of what a sandwich does, after all! So you can try a new condiment and see if you like it, or a new cheese, or a different bread. It’s also about trying different foods from different cultures. There is a familiarity of new flavors of meat, vegetables, and cheese between two pieces of some sort of starch that offers a familiar approach while still being able to tip-toe into new cultures.

We said a burger counts as a sandwich, and that’s because the term sandwich is being redefined. Tacos fall into the sandwich category. Biscuit sandwiches. Hot dogs. Anything that can be placed between, on top of, or folded into can be classified as a sandwich.

With that background in mind, we took a look at some of the sandwich recipes that have come out of our own Food Channel Culinary Center. Take a look at the links below and do your own experimenting! After all, a sandwich is something worth celebrating!

Cuban Sandwich

Applewood Smokehouse Sandwich

Grilled Cheese & Bacon Sandwich

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Mini Turkey Sliders

Muffuletta Sliders

Grilled Burger

Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Lobster Roll

Bacon Tomato Sliders

Grilled Bratwurst Sandwich with Barbecued Onion Relish

Mushroom and Swiss Stuffed Burger

Chicken Parmesan Panini 

Crab, Peppered Bacon, and Tomato Sandwich

Try them all and let us know what you think! Happy sandwiching.





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