The World's Top Foodie Cities

The World's Top Foodie Cities

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The World's Top Foodie Cities


Food tourism is at peak popularity, with many cities creating incredible food tours, beer/wine trails, and tasting events to showcase local fare.

Huffington Post has saved you some time by identifying some of the best foods to try in the world’s top ‘foodie’ cities.

Below are foods that embody your next dream destination, and a few places you can find them, or a recipe to create your own. 

In Paris, Try the Croque Madame


A French staple food, the Croque Madame combines a baked ham and cheese sandwich on brioche, covered in luscious melted cheese, topped with a fried egg. This dish gets rave reviews at a chic cafe just steps from the Eiffel Tower, Le Petit Cler. Photo credit: TripAdvisor, LLC). 

In Chicago, Try The Hot Dogs

chicago dog

Don’t groan just yet, The Chicago ‘Dog is famous for its impressive variety of toppings; and they’re definitely not your average dog. With a ton of varieties to choose from, we recommend bringing Chicago culture to your house with our Chicago-Style Hotdog recipe.  

In Boston, Try the Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

It’s not just a New England cliche, Boston Clam Chowder is in a class all its own. Locals and tourists enjoy clam chowder at a variety of area seafood restaurants. We recommend our Boston’s Best Clam Chowder recipe if you can’t make it north. 

In New Orleans, Try the Beignets


Year-round, beignets are legendary in New Orleans. As Huffington Post points out, the legendary Café du Monde first began as a French Market coffee stand in 1862, and it’s still attracting the masses. If you can’t make it to the French Quarter, try our Bourbon Street Beignet recipe to add a little New Orleans flair to your next brunch! 

In Madrid, Try the Chocolate


Traditionally called Churros con Chocolaté, ‘hot chocolate’ in Madrid is pure melted chocolate served in a steaming cup with deep-fried churros for dipping. And what’s not to like about chocolate? Photo credit: TripAdvisor, LLC. 

In New York, try Pizza By The Slice


New York-style pizza is unbeatable. No matter what you try in the Big Apple, you invariably come back to craving these paper-thin slices of deliciously simple pizza. We previously covered New York Style Pizza here

In Montreal, Try the Smoked Meat Sandwiches


It’s time to thank the Jewish Quarter in Montreal for giving us Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen, the deli to end all delis. Since opening in 1928, Shwartz’s has been in high-demand with locals and tourists alike, serving sandwiches that overflow with smoked meats. Photo credit: Huffington Post. 

In Lisbon, Try the Custard Pastries


Pastel de nata, a Portuguese coffee and egg tart pastry, is one of the most popular breakfast treats for both locals and tourists. Often served with the traditional coffee, these custard cups are made sweet to offset the intensely strong shot of pure coffee. If you want to blend in, don’t add milk. Photo credit: TripAdvisor, LLC. 

In Athens, Try the Souvlaki Gyro


Mediterranean cuisine continues to grow in popularity in America thanks to simple and flavorful recipes that are also considered healthy. And it all starts in Athens, the capital of Greece. Though you could find this seasoned meat, fresh veggie, tzatziki sauced sandwich almost anywhere, Huffington Post recommends a small place called Souvlaki o Kostas, which has perfected its recipe for the better part of a Century. Photo credit: TripAdvisor, LLC. 

In Copenhagen, Try the Smorrebrod 


Following in the footsteps of Mediterranean cuisine, Nordic cuisine is seeing a lot of interest and growth as well. There’s no better place to try it than in Scandinavia itself at the restaurant voted world’s best for the last four years, noma


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