Cherry Bounce

Fresh-off-the-tree tart Montmorency cherries.

Cherry Bounce

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Cherry Bounce


We first heard about Cherry Bounce from Caleb Whitney, the proprietor at Baileys Harbor Schoolhouse Inn. He offered to show us his supply of what he called “Christmas in July.”

Cherry Bounce is what Whitney called the “old school way of pickling, with cherries and their pits,” and it includes copious amounts of the alcohol of your choice. “You make it in July, and drink it at Christmas,” he explained. “It becomes an adventure.”

As we later found out, Cherry Bounce is a tradition throughout Door County and everyone seems to have their own measurements and style. It’s not something you can buy—it’s something you have to make yourself, and is considered a way to take a little of the Door County cherry season home with you.

Cherry Bounce is a make-your-own activity in Door County—just ask anyone for the recipe!

Here’s The Recipe


  • Approximately 1-1/2 cup Montmorency cherries, washed and drained (pits in)
  • Approximately 1 cup spirits – gin, vodka, bourbon
  • Canning jar or other clean container that can be tightly closed and refrigerated


  • Place washed cherries in canning jar.
  • Cover with consumable alcohol of your choice (beer not recommended).
  • Refrigerate for approximately six months.
  • To serve, remove lid and pour into glass.
  • Remember not to bite down on a cherry pit!


This is part of The Food Channel‘s coverage of Door County, Wisconsin, from a recent tour hosted by the Door County Visitor’s Bureau. Find other stories in the series here.

Travel accommodations and tour arrangements in Door County were provided by the Door County Visitors Bureau in conjunction with Geiger & Associates Public Relations.

Photos by Paul K. Logsdon


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