Crocheted: Food in Any Form is Fine

A table set with an assortment of crocheted food items. Whether used for teaching children about the foods they eat and how to prepare or simply to entertain your foodie friends, they're quite the unique foodie gift.

Crocheted: Food in Any Form is Fine

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Crocheted: Food in Any Form is Fine


It’s no secret that we love food. We are the people who wake up thinking about what to eat, what we ate yesterday, and what we’ll eat next week. We plan gracious events where we serve our guests, and we never shy away from experimenting—even when we’re cooking for others.

Crocheted Bacon and Eggs

Sure, some of it is food on pristine white plates. But we also like food handed to us in parchment paper, in a red plastic basket, and in a cardboard box. We’re even intrigued with the plastic food used throughout ethnic areas to describe menu items.

So when a friend crocheted some food items for us, we were naturally ready to get down on the floor and play with them, if we’d only had a child! There was bacon, tomato, lettuce, and bread, all ready to put into a BLT.

Crocheted BLT with Cookie

Rather have a “grilled” cheese? There’s the little yellow slice, ready to tuck in. Want an ice cream cone? A cookie? Or how about breakfast, with eggs sunny side up, please!

Food should be fun, and it was interesting to watch how many of our staff went over to the photography area to finger this food and let their imagination wander. The soft food-inspired items did eventually end up in the hands of a child who had a kitchen set but nothing to serve for “dinner.”

Crocheted Ice Cream Bowl and Cone

Now, pretending is just a little sweeter. If you choose the cookie, that is.


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