Some Favorite Foodie Gifts

The Food Channel presents its 2019 foodie gift guide, driven by products we've reviewed over the past year.

Some Favorite Foodie Gifts

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Some Favorite Foodie Gifts


In the course of a year, I receive information on a multitude of products. The following are a few we’ve either tried or ones I believe would make intriguing gifts for the foodies in your life. These products are chosen by editorial and, other than receiving information or products for sampling, there is no charge for products appearing in this piece.

tinyB Chocolate’s Brigadeiros

These chocolates boxes are a perfect boss or co-worker gift and come 4 to a box or in typical sized boxes. They feature Brazilian chocolates filled with a variety of delightful fillings.

Brigadeiros by tinyB.

Brigadeiros were invented by Brazilian women in the mid ’40s to raise money for a presidential candidate favorable to women’s rights, Brigadier Eduardo Gomes. He didn’t win, but the chocolates became a national tradition. These chocolates are made in San Francisco and filled with flavors including passion fruit, pineapple, cayenne pepper and Brazilian coffee. They make a perfect gift for bosses and co-workers. A box of four is $12.00; fifteen sell for $34.00 from tinyB.

Shaker & Spoon Subscription Cocktail Boxes

This monthly mixology subscription box is deliver to your home with all the ingredients needed to prepare four recipes, that are included, around one variety of alcohol.

Shaker & Spoon Subscription Service.

I became acquainted with this monthly mailing service after meeting Bar Rescue mixologist Russell Davis at a trade show. Davis is affiliated with the company. Each month, you receive three original recipes, built around one variety of liquor. All supplies are provided, down to the spices and garnishes—but not the alcohol. That’s provided by the recipient (typically one bottle is required to prepare all the recipes). Not including alcohol makes it possible to ship without restriction and gives the recipient control over brands used.

The company wants to generate the same types of conversations around mixology that we have about food. The service affords the opportunity to try things you might not otherwise. Ingredients are top-notch and plentiful and often require refrigeration upon receipt. Your foodie friends will feel in-the-know when it comes to making on-trend cocktail sensations. Available from Shaker & Spoon in prices ranging from $50 for month-to-month, $250 for 6 months or $480 for a year. They can be canceled at any time.

Château Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

This red wine stain remover contains no peroxide, bleach or phosphates and removes stains from all kinds of fabrics.

There’s nothing quite like removing red-wine spills from clothing. Château Spill Red Wine Stain Remover, available in bottle and wipes, is called the unequivocal best product for removing red wine stains by Wired Magazine. It also works on a variety of other stains like berries. It’s been featured on Good Morning America. With no peroxide, bleach or phosphates, it’s pH neutral, safe for colorfast washable fabrics and is a 100 percent biodegradable surfactant. Available from The Hate Stains Company, it retails for $8.99 for a 120 milliliter bottle or $12.00 for a kit that includes a bottle and wipes.

Stuckey’s Pecan Logs

While traveling the highways, we never missed stopping at a Stucky's Pecan Store. My father loved the pecan logs, and I've found they have quite the fan base. If you're looking for a nostalgic foodie gift, you can buy commemorative tins from Stucky's online.

Stuckey’s Pecan Log Tin.

My parents used to take epic road trips from our Midwest home to California, Arizona, South Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico and more. They always said I should see everything there was to see in America—and I believe we almost did. While traveling the highways, we never missed stopping at a Stuckey’s Pecan Store. My father loved the pecan logs, and I’ve found they have quite the fan base. If you’re looking for a nostalgic foodie gift, you can buy commemorative tins from Stuckey’s online. A 12-count pecan log gift tin retails for $49.99. But it’s hard to put a price on nostalgia.

TCHO Chocolate

TCHO is a company based in Berkley, California, that produced ethically sourced chocolates in a variety of forms for using in recipes, beverages or in bars for eating.

TCHO Chocolate Assortment.

We ran several recipes featuring TCHO Chocolates this year and tried several varieties of the ethically produced treats. TCHO is a Berkley-based chocolate company known for developing high-quality, ethically sourced chocolate. The company established TCHO Flavor Labs—mini bean-to-bar chocolate-making labs that enable farmers to make and taste chocolate made from their own beans. This Dark and Milk Chocolate Gift Assortment retails for $24.99 from TCHO.

Champagne Jelly Beans From Jelly Belly®

The famous Jelly Belly jelly beans now come in a champagne flavored variety for those who'd like a non-alcoholic treat for New Year's.

Jelly Belly Champagne Flavor.

Another brand with a big fan base is Jelly Belly. Known for the plethora of flavors they offer, this one seemed especially appropriate for that jelly bean lover in your circle. For New Year’s celebrations, the company has created a champagne-flavored jelly bean, packaged in mini plastic champagne bottles for a festive touch. A perfect way for guests to enjoy a non-alcoholic treat. Bottles are 1.5 ounces and a 6-count pack retails for $16.49 from Jelly Belly.

Fire Dept. Coffee’s 2019 Calendar

This calendar features first responders, offering a humorous look at the lives of first responders with one hundred percent of proceeds going to help first responders in need.

Fire Dept. Coffee’s 2019 Calendar.

Food philanthropy is a hot trend in our 2019 Food Trend report. And I can’t think of a better example than Fire Dept. Coffee’s (FDC) 2019 calendar featuring firefighters. The calendar is a collaboration with Fire Department Chronicles which offers a humorous look at the lives of first responders. One hundred percent of proceeds go to FDC’s newest initiative, the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation. It benefits ill or injured firefighters and other first responders when they need our help. Calendars retail for $19.99 from Fire Dept. Coffee. Buy as many as you can…

Indulge the foodies in your life, not just at Christmas, but all year long!


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