Liz Marek Hosts the Sugar Geek Show

Liz Marek Hosts the Sugar Geek Show

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Liz Marek Hosts the Sugar Geek Show

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Liz Marek is an author and instructor living in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two children. Liz has been creating fun and creative food on her YouTube channel, which can be found at, and at her online cake decorating school, found at, since 2009. She named her school “Sugar Geek Show” because of her obsessions with baking and #geekculture. Liz often combines her love for comic book characters, movies and anime into her cake creations. Her content is coming soon to The Food Channel!

Sugar Geek’s Liz Marek’s pancake-making art tutorial and recipe (for Dr. Seuss pancakes) can be found at this link:


18 Sep 19

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