90 Second Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini

90 Second Fresh Mango Raspberry Bellini

Are you and your friends ready to party?  Watch as Chef Cari with The Food Channel helps you gets your sparkle on with this fresh mango raspberry bellini.

Start by making mint simple syrup by combining one cup sugar with one cup water, and heat until the sugar melts.

Remove from the heat and add mint tea bags.  Let steep for about 5 minutes and then chill.

Next, dice your mango. Simply slice off the sides of the fruit, avoiding the large seed in the middle. Once you have your two sides, cut a checkerboard pattern into the flesh, stopping just short of the skin. Speaking of the skin, don’t judge a mango by its color! To find a ripe mango just squeeze gently. A ripe mango will be slightly soft, like a peach or avocado.

Scoop out your diced mango and puree in a food processor.

To assemble the drinks, line the bottom of each glass with fresh raspberries, top with mint simple syrup, add the mango puree and a little chilled Prosecco. Stir and enjoy!

Not only is it pretty to look at, oh, it’s delicious too.

Now get in the Kitchen!

For more in this series, see 90 Seconds in the Kitchen and search “mango.”




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