90 Second Orange Marmalade Cookies

90 Second Orange Marmalade Cookies

Watch as Chef Cari shows you how to finish off these Orange Marmalade Cookies (click for the full recipe to follow along and make your own).

Do you need a cookie fix? Well, these orange marmalade cookies taste just like eating a fresh orange. For the video, she made the cookies in advance, but you can find the recipe and make them–it’s easy.

Then, just follow along. While the cookies cool, start with some fresh lemon juice, orange juice and the zest of one orange and one lemon. In the bowl of a mixer put in some softened butter and turn on. Gradually add your powdered sugar and blend together until smooth. Now you’re ready for your citrus mixture and a pinch of salt.

Delicious!  Now if your cookies are cool you’re ready to ice . . . don’t be stingy.

Put a couple of these back for yourself cause they’ll go quick!

Okay, so maybe you’re not really eating an orange, but we won’t tell!

Now, get in the kitchen!

For more of Chef Cari, check out the complete :90 Seconds in the Kitchen series.



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