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22 Nov 18

The glaze that forms in this dish is phenomenal! A perfect accompaniment to all protein bearing down on your Holiday table and (…)

25 Dec 17

Literally meaning three milk cake, this Latin American cake is a super moist cake that will have you thinking about other ways you can flavor (…)

24 Dec 17

A crostini is one of those Italian favorites that can be altered, played with and tweaked to fit the season. This recipe uses New (…)

19 Dec 17

What a great topping for that slab of ham this Christmas, or if you’re like us, anytime! This New England Conserve has the perfect hint of (…)

13 Dec 17

Yes, I already know. There is no such thing as Bailey’s Irish Whiskey. This beautifully scented, Irish cake is, however, enhanced by Baileys (…)

10 Dec 17

Yes, I know. The amount of butter is quite a bit, but as with all Holiday goodies, enjoy it once or twice a year. Ordinarily, toffee is (…)