Bonfire Night Toffee Apples

Bonfire Night Toffee Apples

Written with Bonfire Night in mind, the chefs at Rattan Direct wrote the recipe for these toffee apples not only makes something far superior to anything you may find on the shelf (and that includes you, nasty chocolate coated imposters) but it encapsulates all the sparkle of a night sky filled with fireworks and festive cheer.


Bonfire Night is hands down the best night of the year. More evocative than Christmas, more visceral than a birthday, there is something about the smell of cordite hanging in the cold night air that comforts them more than any other. The sweet crack of toffee followed by the sharp tang of a British autumn apple is something that most Brits will associate with early November and all the excitement that comes with Autumn. 


So, toffee apples? The recipe is Nigella’s, but with far more exuberance than even she can muster. Go gold, go sparkle, go all out glitz. And then go forth into the night bearing glittering prizes.


A word of CAUTION. This stuff gets hot, boiling hot. There is absolutely no reason that you should do damage with it, but it can be tempting to dip a finger in. Please don’t!


Want the recipe? We have it right here! 


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