A Lemon Meringue Addiction

A Lemon Meringue Addiction

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A Lemon Meringue Addiction


I have a friend who recently became addicted to lemon curd. She discovered it at a specialty market, and enjoys it straight out of the jar.

I need to tell her about our latest treat. I say “treat,” because it is always that when our chefs beckon us out from the corner office to say, “We’ve made something; want to try it?”

It was one of The Food Channel’s Passover recipes, for a lemon meringue dessert. The chefs made the meringues and baked them overnight. Then, they added the fresh lemon curd (NOT from a jar) and strawberries, with a sprinkle of candied lemon peel.

The flavors are still with me. Sweet meringue that had a soft ‘crunch’ to it, and simultaneously melted in your mouth while turning slightly chewy. Tart lemon that gave balance and zest to the dessert.

This is the light, fresh look of Spring. Who wouldn’t want this dessert on his or her table!

If I set your mouth watering, check out the recipe here.

That’s what’s been cooking in our Kitchens. How about yours?



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