Beer Gets Serious

Beer Gets Serious

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Beer Gets Serious


By Cari Martens

At more and more restaurants today you may be greeted by the unexpected question, ‘Would you like to see a Beer List?’ It’s all part of the growing trend toward more local and specialty beers now being poured in bars and restaurants nationwide.

Women’s lifestyle website DivineCaroline named Craft/Microbrew/Artisan Beer as one of the top ten hottest food trends of this year—and, to make a sweeping generalization, women are not the leading demographic when it comes to beer. So, if even that group is noticing the trend, well, it must be a pretty big deal indeed.

Ninety-nine bottles of beer…and more

The fact is, there exists today a wide array of eating and drinking establishments across the U.S. that offer hundreds of local and exotic beers, as well as the usual biggies we know well enough to give nicknames like Bud, the Silver Bullet, MGD, and PBR.

Brouwer’s in Seattle serves more than 300 different beers by the bottle, including labels such as Avery Karma Pale, Lagunitas Lumpy Gravy and Stix Bodacious Blonde. In addition, Brouwer’s has more than 60 varieties of beer and ale on tap.

Beer pairings becoming more common

Many fine restaurants now list suggested beer pairings alongside their menu entrees, including Monk’s Kettle in San Francisco and Beerbistro in Toronto. On the website, you can find beer advice such as “Think of ale as red wine and lager as white wine,” and “keep the beer sweeter than the dessert.,” and recommendations like “salmon with wheat beers or porters.”

Beer tasting menus and flights are becoming commonplace. Some restaurants have gone so far as to hire beer sommeliers to provide beer recommendations.

If you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple, there’s a website, Beer Menus, devoted entirely to spotlighting beer lists at restaurants and bars in New York City.

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