BK CITY™ Mobile Phone Games Introduced

BK CITY™ Mobile Phone Games Introduced

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BK CITY™ Mobile Phone Games Introduced


Burger King and Mobliss, Inc. have introduced BK CITYâ„¢. It’s a new mobile multi-level game with three distinct worlds and 12 dynamic, progressively challenging mini-games. Designed to appeal to the gamer, the BK CITYâ„¢ game is supported by a variety of national carriers and available exclusively for download by texting “KING” to 90210 for a monthly subscription fee of $2.99.

The downloadable mobile game features a range of gameplay from one-of-a-kind mobile concepts integrating the King, to variations of classic puzzle favorites reminiscent of Concentration and Space Invaders. Players vie to earn a place in the King’s exclusive entourage by progressing through a series of challenges within each virtual world. From recalling WHOPPER® sandwich builds to squirting ketchup through the air, gamers navigate through the King’s three favorite hangouts – a BURGER KING® restaurant, the King’s mansion and BK CITYâ„¢ to earn points and unlock advanced levels.

“We are dedicated to constantly evolving our mobile platform to provide original and creative programs that reflect the BURGER KING® brand, engage our guests and offer value for the money. The licensing agreement with Mobliss supports our efforts in this important area,” said Brian Gies, vice president of marketing impact, Burger King Corp. “The games offer a chance to engage with the King in a new way and we’re confident that BK CITYâ„¢ offers a gaming world unlike any other available to mobile users today.”

Designed to engage the casual mobile gamer, players have multiple opportunities to explore and discover virtual worlds and interact with the King. In “Flip My Bun” players test memory skills by flipping a bun and matching ingredients to build sandwiches in record time. “Fry Assault” challenges virtual employees to catch falling French fries and onion rings before time runs out. Playing the “King’s Bling” lets fans save the day and retrieve the King’s stolen jewels. Gamers race against the clock to make enough money to replace his precious bling.

Burger King Corp. has a history of innovation in gaming, including the development of three branded XBOX games as well as the integration of BURGER KING®) branded content into top-selling, video games like “Fight Night”, “Need For Speed” and “NFL Street.”


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