Craving a Pickle?

Craving a Pickle?

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Craving a Pickle?


The Vlasic® Stork is delivering good news to one pickle-loving family in May this year. In celebration of National Pickle Month, Vlasic® Pickles is in search of a lucky May-born baby who meets the company’s criteria to become the official Vlasic® Stork Baby of 2008. The winning baby and family will win a $20,000 US Savings Bond, be officially named Vlasic® Stork Baby and receive a year’s supply of Vlasic Pickles.

Entrants simply e-mail a photo of the new baby, along with name, date of birth, sex, height and weight, and a statement of 50-100 words on ‘Why My Baby Should Be the Vlasic® Stork Baby.’

If the parents of the Vlasic® Stork Baby want to show their love and dedication to Vlasic® Pickles by making his or her middle name, ‘Crunch,’ the savings bond value will be increased to $25,000.

‘Aside from the fact that pickles are known as a common craving among pregnant women, what most people probably don’t know is that the Vlasic® Stork became the brand’s spokesperson during a period of low birth rates in the early 1970’s,’ said Senior Brand Manager Stefan Aps. ‘Since there were fewer storks delivering babies in America at that time, Vlasic® created its own stork to deliver pickles! This contest is a way for the folks at Vlasic® Pickles to continue the tradition of delivering goodness to the world.’

If you are expecting a baby during the month of May, you might just deliver the Vlasic® Stork Baby! Go to and click on the ‘Contests’ section. If your baby meets the criteria, submit your entry with a photo online, or send your entry to: ‘Vlasic® Stork Baby’ Contest, c/o BHG PR, 546 Valley Rd., Upper Montclair, New Jersey 07043 All entries must be received by May 31, 2008. No purchase is required to win.


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