Eat More Bugs

Eat More Bugs

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Eat More Bugs


By Cari Martens

I don’t know how well this will catch on, but eating bugs and insects shows up in the Body Warranty Wave. Insects are full of health benefits, low in cholesterol, with lots of protein and minerals. Dining on bugs could also be said to be part of the Green Hot movement, because this would—at least in theory—encourage less strain on the environment if we need forests in order to breed our food.

According to a Telegraph report, “eating insects such as wasps and grasshoppers has health benefits and should be encouraged in the Western diet, scientists have said.”

They list reasons such as preserving the trees and controlling pesticides as well as touting the protein rich benefits of bugs. More than 100 countries around the world include some bugs as part of a regular diet: grasshoppers in Mexico, moths and beetles in Papua, New Guinea, and wasps in Japan, to name a few.

Pass the ketchup, please.

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