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Food Channel® Step-by-Step

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Food Channel® Step-by-Step


Have you seen our new step-by-step Photo Essays? They are easy to pull up in the kitchen as you learn a new recipe, easy to read, and visually beautiful. What’s more, they take the fear away from trying something new.

If you’ve been watching us for the past month, you know that we are trying new things that we think will enhance the way you cook and enjoy food. It’s partly because we all love food so much; and, it’s partly because we know what we would use when learning to cook. These photo essays work better than a video because you can print off the directions, pull them up on a big monitor in your kitchen, and study them frame by frame.

We’ll take suggestions, so let us know if there is something you’d like to see made in a step-by-step visual pictorial.

Meanwhile, speaking of site development, we’ll be adding new features (such as the ability to print your recipe without printing the whole web page) soon. We actually are adding new things almost daily, although a lot of the development is behind-the-scenes and unseen. We’re also adding daily to our recipe database, thanks to our own Kitchens and some nice contributions from industry leaders such as Williams-Sonoma.

The Food Channel® is all about food, and right now both food and site development are simmering along in our kitchens. What’s cooking in yours?



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