Food Bloggers Set the Trend

Food Bloggers Set the Trend

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Food Bloggers Set the Trend


By Cari Martens

Ellen Slattery takes exception to a recent NY Times article about food bloggers. According to her own blog, the article says blogs used to be written by average people who talk about “what they fed their boyfriends last night, and fuzzily photograph their latest batch of heart-shaped cookies” while REAL chefs tell the stories behind the food, taking more time to detail the food’s inspiration and its history.

And, she heartily disagrees. She says, “I think people read food blogs to take in the ‘nattering’ about day-to-day life and how it fits in with what they fix and eat.”

From a trends perspective, we see food blogs as a fun part of the new way to learn about food and share experiences. They are neighborly, in a sense, when we think about social networking with those online who share a similar interest in food.

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