France to Impose "Picnic Tax" on Disposables

France to Impose "Picnic Tax" on Disposables

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France to Impose "Picnic Tax" on Disposables


Looks like French citizens will be using more real silverware and china if a proposed new “picnic tax” goes into effect.

As reported on, France will soon tax non-recyclable disposable plates and cutlery in a move to encourage consumers to buy more eco-friendly products. Wider “green” measures are also expected to be imposed on consumer electronics, the environment minister said on this week.

France has already introduced the so-called “bonus-malus” system for cars, which levies an extra tax on the most heavily polluting vehicles while the greenest get a tax break.

Environment Minister Jean-Louis Borloo said later that the tax would apply to non-recyclable cardboard, but not plastic tableware, and would be levied on distributors and importers.

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