Lift Oven Keeps Hands Cool

Lift Oven Keeps Hands Cool

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Lift Oven Keeps Hands Cool


This must be the oven they used on Star Trek. Gaggenau has introduced a Lift Oven that lets you lower the oven’s ceramic base to countertop level with the push of a button. Food dishes can be easily loaded or unloaded right out in the open, then raised back into the cooking cavity with another push of the button in a sort of dumbwaiter effect.

This Liftmatic function means you no longer need to reach into the hot oven to retrieve foods—a significant safety feature. Who among us hasn’t burned themselves at some point reaching into the oven?

The fully integrated oven features 11 heating methods, including convection. The design of the Lift Oven with built-in placement in top cabinet locations or on a kitchen wall provides versatile options for smaller kitchens and opens up additional cabinet space in larger kitchens.

Captain Kirk would have loved this oven.

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