Friday Night Fish, Cajun Style

Friday Night Fish, Cajun Style

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Friday Night Fish, Cajun Style


Lots of people eat fish as a tradition on Fridays during Lent (those 40 days and nights before Easter). Consequently, most fish and seafood restaurants are packed on those Friday nights. (Just try getting a table at Red Lobster.)

So why not try a new fish recipe at home this Friday night? Chef Pat Mould with Lou Ana Peanut Oil has some Cajun style fish dishes he recommends you try whether it’s Lent or any other season. The first is a surprisingly creamy Crawfish Pie, and the other is a crunchy two-hands-needed Shrimp Po Boy.

Mould owns Lafayette-based Louisiana Culinary Enterprises, a restaurant consulting firm, and is executive chef of the Louisiana School of Cooking. A slightly-rotund, flaming red-haired chef, Mould was once a steel worker in shipyards around Morgan City, La., who started cooking for fun when he wasn’t at work.

The bayou chef has plenty of tips for making Fridays fabulous while still being simple, thanks to his standout seafood dishes. Both these featured recipes take just a few steps. “My philosophy has always been simple: use the best possible ingredients and treat them with respect,” Mould says. “I think the flavor of the food should be allowed to come through in a dish.”

Chef Mould knows about taking chances at the stove, blending ingredients indigenous to the Cajun region—such as crawfish, oysters and shrimp—with his own cooking techniques. Luckily, the fresh seafood and frozen food aisles at the grocery store can help do the same for the rest of us.

It can make a soul glad it’s a Friday in Lent.


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