Garlic Chocolates Take Your Breath Away

Garlic Chocolates Take Your Breath Away

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Garlic Chocolates Take Your Breath Away


By Cari Martens

All together now, hold your breath! Either that, or share this unusual chocolate with your loved one. If you are a garlic fan, perhaps you’ll enjoy the new Garlic Chocolate. As with some of our other unusual flavor combinations, it’s back to Japanese for this one, from a company called Takko Shoji.

One of the top garlic producing regions in Japan is testing an unusual product, just in time for Valentine’s Day, called “black garlic chocolate.” It is fermented black garlic, covered with chocolate, sprinkled with cocoa powder. Supposedly the black garlic has a sort of sweet-and-sour taste that resembles prunes, that has been matched with the bittersweet taste of chocolate. I think this might be a little bit of an acquired taste, but it can be yours for 600 yen.

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