Is a Rampion the Same as a Radish?

Is a Rampion the Same as a Radish?

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Is a Rampion the Same as a Radish?


Question: Is a rampion the same thing as a radish or is it something similar?

Answer: While the rampion and radish are similar in culture and both form a bulb at the root, they are different species. Both the rampion (Campanula rapunculus) and the radish (Raphanus sativus) are compared to the turnip. Both are edible root vegetables that can be eaten raw, and the rampion leaves are typically eaten as well as the bulb. The rampion is what Rapunzel, of Grimm’s Fairy Tales fame, craved.

Dining Tip: What you see more of lately are ramps, also known as Wild Leeks. Ramps are popping up on fine dining menus. Ramps have a mild onion and garlic flavor and are very seasonal, grown and harvested in the spring.

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