Is it a Sundae . . . or is it a Shake?

Is it a Sundae . . . or is it a Shake?

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Is it a Sundae . . . or is it a Shake?


Is it a sundae . . . or is it a shake?

That is the question Burger King® is asking about its OREO® BKâ„¢ Sundae Shake. Don’t be fooled by the combo name or even by the giant blue BK PIPE® Straw – you actually get the chance to make the call. Between now and September 28 go to and cast your vote, as often as once a day.

Your Chance to Win Ends Sunday.

Here’s a chance for your voice to be heard, not to mention the fact that you could instantly win an 80GB Apple® iPod® classic (20 to be given away), a $10 iTunes® Gift Card or $10 in BKâ„¢ Crown Cards (100 of each to be given away). While on the Web site, try out the Down the Pipe game.

Let us know if you win!


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