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You got cherry on my chocolate! It’s another example of infusing new flavors in order to get people’s attention. M&M’s has added “Wildly Cherry Chocolate Candies” to its brand mix.

It’s innovative news in that this is the first time the brand has used cherry fruit-flavoring. While the candy is available nationwide, Mars Snackfood US says it is a “limited edition” and will only be available for six weeks. The candy is said to combine “a hint of cherry with the classic M&M’S® milk chocolate taste.”

Mars conducted consumer research discovering that the combination of cherry and chocolate is one of the most popular chocolate and fruit pairings. While it’s the first time M&M’s has gone with the cherry flavoring, it’s the second go-round for fruit flavor. Raspberry was the first, released in summer 2007. That, too, was a six weeks offering.

So, any guesses on what fruit flavor will be next?

For a recipe provided by M&M’s, click here.

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