Tips for Buying Fresh Fish

Tips for Buying Fresh Fish

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Tips for Buying Fresh Fish


We’ve supplied you with a number of great fish recipes, whether for Lent or simply for a healthier lifestyle. More have been provided by Red Lobster. Just click on the titles to see the recipes for Red Lobster’s Maui Luau Shrimp & Salmon, Sun Dried Tomato Tilapia in a Bag, and Oven Roasted Tilapia. You can go out and enjoy, or try them at home.

In addition, Red Lobster’s Senior Executive Chef Michael LaDuke has provided the following tips for how home cooks can tell if seafood is fresh when buying it at the local supermarket.

  1. The fish’s eyes should be clear. If the eyes are cloudy, the fish is beginning to get old.
  2. The interior gills should be bright red. If the gills are pink or brownish gray, that means the fish has either been mishandled or is getting old.
  3. There should be no offensive odor. Fresh fish does not smell fishy; it should smell moist and fresh, like a cut cucumber or melon. If there is an unusual odor, the fish should not be purchased.
  4. The flesh should be firm and elastic to the touch. It should “spring back” into place. If an indention remains after the fish is touched, the fish is beginning to get soft and is probably old.
  5. Fresh fillets or steak cuts should look moist and firm. A large degree of gapping, or the separation of flesh is a fillet, is a good indication that the fillet is getting old and should not be consumed.

Check for bruises. Dark spots that appear on fillets indicate bruises, which are caused by mishandling.

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