Liquid Egg Whites Trend Healthier

Liquid Egg Whites Trend Healthier

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Liquid Egg Whites Trend Healthier


You probably didn’t find it in the Easter Egg hunt, but an egg product may be redefining eggs and how they are used. Brad Halpern, of Eggology, says that 100% egg whites are nature’s purest form of protein.

Eggology was launched as a consumer retail company in 1995 after enjoying success among bodybuilders and other health aficionados with its all-natural, certified Organic Liquid Egg Whites. Eggology’s Egg Whites are touted as cholesterol, salmonella, preservative, and chemical-free; ready-made; and safe to use as is or in a protein shake.

Eggology utilizes only fresh pasteurized egg whites (from eggs just three days off the farm), which are 100% pure, organic, USDA approved and kosher. The company also uses an independent lab to test for salmonella and listeria.

Products include:

  • On-The-Go – Each cup equals four fresh cage free pasteurized egg whites. They are not frozen or powdered, have a shelf life of three months refrigerated or frozen indefinitely and come to life in the microwave looking and tasting like fresh scrambled eggs (without the yokes) in 95 seconds.
  • Simply Sensational – A new line of egg white protein-fortified muffins. These are free of artificial flavors and preservatives, and come in Mini Carrot Cake, Carrot & Walnut and Oatmeal Raisin & Walnut varieties.
  • Cool Cravings – A new Eggology ice cream brand featuring egg whites instead of yokes for higher protein content and a lighter texture. All flavors, including Amorour Almond Praline, Bodacious Blueberry, Captivating Chocolate Banana, Mind-Blowing Mint Chip, and Pulsating Pineapple Coconut, have chunks of real fruit, almonds, or coconut; and are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients.


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