Oh I Wish I Were An . . .

Oh I Wish I Were An . . .

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Oh I Wish I Were An . . .


By Lindsey Klingele for Meatingplace. Used by Permission.

Oscar Mayer has announced the five winners of its Sing the Jingle, Be a Star contest, and is sending those lucky songsters (pictured, left, with Elliott Yamin, former American Idol contestant) to Hollywood to view a taping of the season finale of Fox’s reality hit American Idol.

Throughout the summer, Oscar Mayer allowed contestants to sing their own renditions of its iconic jingle, the Bologna Song or the Oscar Mayer Spanish Jingle and submit them online. Fans voted among the songs of twelve finalists at Wienermobile events that were sponsored across the country, or via mail or text message.

Oscar Mayer has pared the sing-a-long search down to a pool of five winners, who will be flown out to see the taping of “American Idol,” Season 7 Finale Performance Show. Webisodes of the winner’s adventures in Hollywood will be available at http://www.singthejingle.com.


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