Sam's Club Uses Pull-Vein Process to Capture More Shrimp Flavor

Sam's Club Uses Pull-Vein Process to Capture More Shrimp Flavor

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Sam's Club Uses Pull-Vein Process to Capture More Shrimp Flavor


Sam’s Club®, the giant club store retailer with headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, says it has discovered a better way to de-vein shrimp. The company has collaborated with Rubicon Resources, its strategic partner in the Member’s Mark brand shrimp program, to create a new technology for processing and cleaning shrimp. Sam’s Club claims this technique preserves much more natural flavor, texture, color and moisture than was previously possible.

A company spokesperson describes it as a revolutionary process that involves some new technologies paired with lots of old-fashioned hand-finishing.

Each shrimp is hand-cleaned and then cooked in the shell to preserve its sweet, all-natural flavor and integrity. Called ˜pull-vein’ processing, the cleaning method removes the vein from the shrimp without cutting the flesh (previously the only way to clean shrimp commercially).

Member’s Mark is pioneering this new method of preserving all the fresh shrimp’s natural flavor— Sam’s Club claims to be the only retailer in the U.S. using this cleaning process.

‘If you already loved Member’s Mark shrimp,” says Sam’s Club seafood buyer Dan Kallesen, “you’ve got to taste this superior new product. Sampled side by side, this new shrimp is markedly better; the color is more vivid, and the flavor fuller and sweeter. It also has a firmer texture when cooked. This is as close to ˜fresh-caught’ as you are likely to find,’ Kallesen says.

Best Aquaculture Practices: Sustainability and Traceability

Scientific studies have established that there is not enough wild shrimp to satisfy worldwide demand for the popular crustacean. The fact is, without aquaculture, we would quickly deplete the ocean’s supply. Therefore, the only responsible solution to keeping shrimp on the consumer’s table is the development of certified, sustainable aquaculture. In support of that, Sam’s Club management determined to take a proactive role and use their international influence to make a difference in the way Member’s Mark shrimp is naturally harvested.

Sam’s Club buyers purchase their Member’s Mark shrimp from Rubicon Resources, who take responsibility for the product from source to plate. Rubicon Resources is involved with aquatic farms in Thailand and the facilities where the shrimp are processed, packaged and stored. They also handle the shipment of their pristine product directly into Sam’s Club distribution centers. In this way, Sam’s Club says it can ensure the wholesomeness and sustainability of this sensitive product at every step. Today, 100 percent of Member’s Mark shrimp is being grown at aquatic farms in Thailand which meet or exceed the stringent standards of responsible farming, sustainability and fair employee conditions established by the Global Aquaculture Alliance.


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