Storing for the Winter...and the Savings

Storing for the Winter...and the Savings

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Storing for the Winter...and the Savings


With the summer harvest season at full throttle, many Americans are stockpiling fresh produce, whether it be from their own gardens or from the farmers markets or co-ops.

The idea of ‘eating local’ has really caught on, and more people are canning, freezing or drying fresh fruits and vegetables for enjoyment long after the first frost puts and end to the growing season.

Stockpiling As an Investment Strategy

But there’s an additional motivation this year to the notion of stockpiling. Folks are stocking up as a hedge against inflation. Rising food prices have folks stockpiling staples such as rice, cereal and eggs. An article in the Wall Street Journal even suggested that people stockpile food as a short-term investment strategy, noting that the returns will outperform 1-year certificates of deposit and other low-risk investments.

And then there’s the simple strategy of stockpiling food when it goes on sale. When ground beef is the supermarket special of the week, stock up and throw it in the freezer. Can tuna bargain priced? Buy a case or two.

Where to Pile Your Stockpile

Of course, if you’re going to stockpile food, you’re going to need a place to put it all. If you’ve got a full basement, or extra bedrooms, that’s no problem. But if you’re living in a smallish apartment, you need to be more resourceful. Writing for, wannabwestern offers some storage suggestions. Under the bed is a great option, if you don’t mind bending over. Or a coat closet could work, she suggests. She also points out that removing the packaging from many products will yield additional storage space.

If you’re going to be storing foodstuffs in plain sight, containers may be an issue. There’s a lot to choose from, from the simple Mason jar to a gourmet vacuum storage set by Wolfgang Puck. “Grip-It Storage Containers”: have a silicone band around them that not only ensures a tight seal, but also offers an area to record what the contents are. You can write on and rub off.

Whether you’re stockpiling to save money, or simply to save a little taste of this summer, it appears at the very least, you’re very much “on trend.”


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