Essential Recipes for a First Apartment

Essential Recipes for a First Apartment

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Essential Recipes for a First Apartment

What’s needed for a first apartment? My own memories of stocking the kitchen, newly married, are somewhat faded – I just remember the shock I felt at having to buy all of the spices that were once so readily available in my mother’s cupboard! To find out that vanilla and baking powder did not grow automatically out of a spice cabinet was a real eye-opener.

The kind of eye-openers my son is now having in his first apartment. I would love to set him up with the Instant Kitchen found in our Hot & Cool Trends. Beyond that, it appears part of what he needs is recipes. Via email this week, he asked if I could help him recreate his childhood memories of banana bread, homemade brownies, and a chicken casserole that he called, “That wonderful chicken casserole we all know and love. He added, “And, anything else that comes to mind that you think I might like/be able to make.”

So, I sent the home recipes (please do not hold our chefs accountable for these!) and figured there may be a few Food Channel) users out there who are looking for post-dorm cooking ideas as well. If that’s you, here they are:

Banana Bread

Easy Chocolate Brownies

Simple Macaroni, Cheese & Chicken Casserole

That’s a start for the post dorm cooking experience. Let me know if you have other suggestions – he’s going to need them!



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