Tasty Blog, Superb Sourdough Stuffing Recipe

Tasty Blog, Superb Sourdough Stuffing Recipe

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Tasty Blog, Superb Sourdough Stuffing Recipe


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Here’s another food blog we like a lot: Laura’s Best Recipes. Laura is a California Girl who grew up in the wine country and now resides in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and son.

Our featured recipe from Laura on The Food Channel right now is her Sausage, Wild Mushroom and Sourdough Stuffing. Just in time for Thanksgiving. It’s the stuffing she says she makes every Thanksgiving. According to Laura, ‘It uses the best ingredients from my Wine Country heritage: wine, sourdough bread, fresh herbs and wild mushrooms.’ She notes that each batch turns out a little bit differently, but that’s part of the ‘chef’s delight.’ She suggests that it be made on Thanksgiving Day and prepared just before serving. Give it a click and try it out.

Laura claims not to have had any formal culinary training—she simply acquired a lifelong love of cooking and entertaining from her mom. She says she enjoys preparing ‘memorable meals that make friends’ drive up the mountain to our home worthwhile.’

In addition to her own recipes, ‘Laura’s Best’ features recipes submitted by friends and colleagues. A recent feature, Alabama Slow-Cooked Ribs, from Carter Snead, looks and sounds fantastic.

Laura’s blog also offers recommendations on restaurants from Fells Point, Maryland, to Boulder, Colorado to Homer, Alaska and points in between. She also makes suggestions on wine, cooking gear and online shopping sites. You ought to check it out.


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