The Coffee Machine of the Future

The Coffee Machine of the Future

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The Coffee Machine of the Future


By Cari Martens

Talk about immersing yourself in the taste of your morning coffee. It’s billed as the first walk-in coffee machine and is an innovation that combines the best of coffee and computers. The Javabot allows you to watch as your coffee is made, following its progress through a series of pneumatic tubes. It’s also the ultimate in customization, since you get to choose from seven varieties of beans – not only the blend, but the degree of roasting, how finely you want them ground, and the temperature of the brew. All within 30 seconds.

The fully-automated system is the property of the Roasting Plant Coffee Company in New York and the brainchild of a former Starbucks engineer, Mike Caswell.

Just as technology makes things smaller, it can also make them bigger to create a whole new level of experience. Your coffee pot may never seem the same.

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