Top Ten Trends: Food Philanthropy

Top Ten Trends: Food Philanthropy

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Top Ten Trends: Food Philanthropy


The Food Channel® presents its Top Ten Food Trends for 2009. The list is based on research conducted by The Food Channel in conjunction with the World Thought Bank found at, and the International Food Futurists™.


There’s still way too much hunger in the world. We see people and companies stepping up to incorporate food philanthropy, so that it’s almost an automatic. Food drives will be enhanced by that $1 donation at the grocery checkout lane, or the purchase of a pink ribbon label product.

In a tough economy, food and drink remain essential purchases. So it’s natural to begin to tie giving to where the money is going. More websites, more grocery stores, more charities are tying their fortunes to food purchases. After all, when 40,000 people in Platteville, Colorado turn out to glean fields of vegetables to help put food on their own tables, you know the need for food is grabbing our attention.

Sample Evidence:

V8 Launches Charity Initiative

Farm Fields Picked Clean

Fair Trade Soft Drink Gives Back

International Food Futurists Promote Awareness of World Food Needs

Tyson Convoy Brings Relief to Hurricane Stricken States

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